I love lists. LOVE them. Jim is constantly victim to them in the form of chores and schedules, but I also like to make them To the extent that if I get stressed, or just really bored, I start listing cereals, or dog breeds, etc…

List of the Day:

Things that I Wish Were Healthy Choices but Clearly are Not.
1. Laying in the sun. Makes you look healthy while simultaneously killing you.
2. Ice Cream. Nuff said.
3. Getting very little sleep. I’d get so much more done if I didn’t have to recharge.
4. Nachos. Cheese=always better melted.
5. Loud music. Why give me an ipod if I can’t rock my head off w/o going deaf. Mean.
6. Driving fast. Um. I can hardly drive, period. Better stay sloowww.
7. Pop Tarts. So delicious.
8. High heels. I may be alone here, thanks to my ankles.
9. White cheddar shells and cheese. Heaven for Jessie
10. Having 10 puppies. It’d be a perma cute cuddle fest but the potty training and chewing stages would drive me mad.


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