morning musings

1. Bruno’s training class is actually making a huge difference. I was more than a little skeptical about it having any impact but it’s really helping. Minus the fact that he dragged his bed outside yesterday (through the doggy door – small wonder) and chewed it into a million pieces. Baby steps.

2. I spent several hours reading friends’ blogs this week, and have become even more inspired to keep up with mine. If for nothing else, what a glorified way to remember the little things.

3. Home ownership continues to grow on me, but there are so many small incidents that keep the learning curve alive. For instance:
-What does one do when you find a lizard in your hall closet?
-Who says you can’t vacuum your dog?

4. Jim will get embarrassed that I’m writing this but I find myself falling more in love with you all the time 🙂

5. I have the best girlfriends ever.

6. I am going to try my best to not complain about the heat this summer. What’s the point.

7. Keeping up with two bookclubs is harder than I thought (see # 1)

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