Law of the License Plate

The idea for this post came to me this morning driving to work. A truck on the freeway was going dangerously slow in the far left lane, causing other vehicles to swerve as they approached it.

As I neared the truck I was (very) tempted to lay on my horn. The only thing that stopped me was this person’s specialized license plate, signifying that they were a veteran.

I quickly determined that anyone who voluntarily risks his or her life for my freedoms and safety can drive however they choose.

On the topic of specialized license plates…Arizona passed some interesting license plate frame legislation last year that went into effect in 2009. The law states that it’s illegal to have a license plate frame on your car that blocks any part of the word Arizona across the top of the plate.

I understand and support the fact that eliminating these frames can help police officers identify cars, and helps photo radar nab us accurately, but couldn’t the confusion about the state of the plate also be reduced if Arizona didn’t offer over 30 different plate designs?

I know from working in the Governor’s Office that at these plates generate tens of thousands of dollars for valuable causes. I opted for an Arizona State University plate in college, and now I have a breast cancer awareness plate, because I know that the money goes to help fund critical health exams for women across the state, but what does the Amateur Radio plate benefit?

I suppose it’s a slight consolation that if I am forbidden to use my Red Sox license plate frame, I can at least still show support for a cause I believe in with my plate. Unfortunately you have to be a resident of Massachusetts to apply for the custom Red Sox plate.

I have to also note that on my way home from work, I somehow ended up behind the exact same truck. Same veteran’s plate, same 45 mph in the far left lane.

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