Airing My Dirty Laundry

I am really, really excited about my new washer and dryer, so much so that I’m actually writing about this to others. The Twins, as I like to call them, are being delivered by the appliance stork (otherwise known as Home Depot) tomorrow, and I have been waiting all week to watch them reach their rightful home.

My excitement has been bubbling beneath the surface for quite some time. When Jim and I moved in together last year, we found a great place, but the 1970’s stackable washer/dryer set was an embarrassment to the art of clean clothing. Nevertheless, I immediately took charge of our laundering needs, and essentially forbade him from washing his own clothes…lest it disrupt my system. I became resentful any time I left town and he took over the task; a parent with empty-load syndrome.

It was a reward to shop for new ones when we got the house, and that bubbling excitement soon burst to the surface. We made the purchase at Home Depot last weekend, and the clerk must have sensed my enthusiasm, because before we checked out, he printed out photos to “tide me over until the real thing arrived.” I wasn’t embarrassed. I told him with confidence that they would go straight onto the fridge, even if it made the other appliances jealous.

I don’t know why I have always loved doing laundry. It must be the satisfaction of quickly being able to see the fruit of your labors, accompanied by the refreshing scent of clean. Or the fact that these machines have been so personified that it is difficult not to treasure them, name them, knit them their own Christmas stockings… Here’s an excerpt of the product description:

Sensing technology adjusts to the needs of each fabric SenseClean system for intelligent fabric care Sensor Dry auto adjusts the drying time for optimal care Machines that are
sensitive, intelligent and flexible. Really, how could I resist?


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