One man’s trash…

Before we moved we had to decide whether to try to sell all the things we wanted to get rid of, or just to donate them. We pretty quickly decided to donate everything.

Donating isn’t just the charitable thing to do; it also spares you from the embarrassment of showing strangers all of your crap. Not to mention the fact that spending an entire weekend day making small talk with people who are interested in my junk would undoubtedly lower my IQ several points.

This is nothing against yard sales; I actually love them, but only as an attendee, never as a host. I would have been mortified if I had to show my closest friends and family members some of the things Jim and I just parted with, never mind putting them on display them to carloads of random strangers and neighborhood joggers.

“Look! Everyone! I have held onto this old stained bedspread for six years!”

“Going once…going twice…Tupperware containers without matching lids!”

Before rapidly squashing the notion of selling our wares, I had traumatic visions of elderly women trying to barter with me to lower the sticker price on my old towels and kitchen utensils. I could not endure this.

Needless to say, I already have plans to go to a neighborhood yard sale this Saturday. I just gave away all of my stuff and need someone else’s.

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