Nothing makes me regress toward childhood faster than being sick. I caught a cold this week and have gone back in time several years each day since. I think today (Day 5) I am somewhere between 10 and 12 years old. I’m still capable of feeding and clothing myself, but my whining has increased and I haven’t left the couch except for popsicles and juice. If I don’t start feeling better by tomorrow, I think I may end up needing to be burped and spoonfed.

On a brighter note, spending the past few days on the couch has led to watching approximately 24 hours of television, and to catching up on all of my recorded shows. After being deluged in mindless reality TV for several days in a row, I am more eager than ever to cut our cable service. This stuff is not making me any more intelligent. We can hopefully use the money we save to go out and do something more entertaining than what I’m seeing on the screen.


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