Rise to the O-cake-sion

There are so many expressions that use the word cake that it was hard to choose just one for the title of this post.

Have your cake and eat it too.

Piece of cake.

The icing on the cake.

No matter how you spin it, everyone loves cake. If you don’t, no offense, that’s just a little bit weird.

Today I took part in quite possibly the best task ever assigned to a bridesmaid: cake tasting. This can’t actually be considered work. More like Willy Wonka’s version of a chore.

Bailey and Adam are switching out the traditional cake idea to go for gourmet cupcakes. The three flavors we tried today were: vanilla bean with strawberry mousse filling, Mexican hot chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate with raspberry mousse filling. A fourth flavor we didn’t have a chance to sample was red velvet with cream cheese filling.

The woman who makes these magical little delights works out of her home and initially started this venture after being bored as a stay-at-home mom. She now has a booming business and is rumored to have a pending order with New Kids on the Block. More importantly, I get to enjoy her work every month at our birthday celebration at work. I can vouch that these are no ordinary cupcakes, and I have yet another reason to look forward to the Brown/McCray nuptials.


One thought on “Rise to the O-cake-sion

  1. We were so happy to have you along for the tasting! Thank you for putting the experience into words and photos. You have an amazing way with words!

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