Hit One Outta the Park

Zoee recently led me to the perfect home that I will close on later this month. The path to this house was anything but easy, and involved more setbacks that I ever would have imagined, but Zoee’s professionalism and guidance remained unwavering throughout the entire process. She provided me with all of the information I needed to make the best decisions for myself, as well as the emotional support and patience that any first-time home buyer will seek.

Zoee went far beyond her required responsibilities to make the entire home-buying process absolutely stress-free. There was never a lapse in her communication or customer service no matter how many requests I made. I’m convinced that real estate is in her genes, because she has killer instincts for this stuff!

It is incredibly rare to establish a business relationship with someone where you become so completely confident in her skills and knowledge that you are willing to recommend her to anyone without a moment’s hesitation. I consider myself truly fortunate to have found this type of relationship with my real estate agent, and if anyone needs real estate help, you better call Zoee Tsighis.

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