Come On Get Happy

In college I was a frequent visitor to the Gold Bar in Tempe. I used to head to this unique coffee and tea house to pretend to study. I generally spent all my time texting or people watching but it was a solid effort on my part to do the studious/urban outfitters/emo thing.

I went tonight to meet Keri and it was great to be back. I had one of the best teas I have ever tasted and it was called Get Happy. It was decaf so I guess that means happiness is not derived from caffeine. I think the tea made me happy, as well as the half pound slice of carrot cake I tried.

To get an idea of the charm of this place, located literally in a parking lot, check out the Top 10 list they have on their Web site:

Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Gold Bar Espresso:
10. We don’t have naked ladies on our cups.
9. We have loyalty cards that’s like a 10% discount.
8. We never have to close to retrain our staff.
7. We do not assult your ears with cds we’re trying to unload.
6. Our coffee is fresh roasted by people who know what they’re doing.
5. We have live jazz and classical guitar on the weekends.
4. Our caring staff want you to have the best drinks possible.
3. We have dog bones for your dogs.
2. We have granita…fresh and frozen without using ice or powder. They have blended drinks, blah and diluted.
And the number one reason for chosing Gold Bar…
1. We don’t charge you more for the GOOD coffee.

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